Call to resolve traffic issues


Councillor Alexander Redpath has called for the Department of the Environment to act to resolve traffic issues at the junction of the Ballinderry Road and Knockmore Road.

Mr Redpath made reference to new accident figures obtained from the PSNI which make the case for traffic lights at this section of the Knockmore Road.

“The Knockmore road is a busy multi-lane 50 mph road with a number of junctions leading to housing developments. Most residents will understand that at busy times it is very difficult to make certain manoeuvres at this and other junctions.

The Department of the Environment oversaw planning permission for huge quantities of housing around the Knockmore Road.

“These plans were condition on certain road improvements including the signalisation of a number of points along the Knockmore Road. However these road improvements were never made.

“I have been in contact with the PSNI who have informed me that there were 17 collisions involving 23 casualties along this short section of the Knockmore Road between 2009 and 2014.

“There was also a fatal collision at the junction more recently. I appreciate that the Department of the Environment is facing a challenging budgetary situation.

“However I think it’s important that these road improvements, which were guaranteed on their watch, are completed.”