Call to repair rural roads

Jonathan Craig MLA has called for rural roads to be repaired and Grovehill Road in Moira to be resurfaced as a matter of urgency.

He said: “When canvassing rural areas just outside Moira I was shocked to find the state of disrepair on the Grovehill road. What I discovered was a road that in some parts has almost broke up completely and one had to weave your way around the huge potholes to try and not wreck your cars suspension.

“As a prime example, at the top of the Grovehill Road just before the Patterson Road there is a section of the road where approximately one third of the width of the road has collapsed all together leaving a massive hole the would destroy any vehicle.

“I have contacted road service about these roads requesting not only urgent repairs but in the case of Grovehill Road I have demanded that it be resurfaced.

“I have contacted the DRD Minister requesting that this be repaired/resurfaced as a matter of urgency. I know the present Minister, Michelle McIlveen has been appalled by the poor state of repair of our rural roads.”