Action is taken to clear main drains in Moira

Drains in Moira.
Drains in Moira.

The Department of Regional Development has carried out maintenance work to drains in Moira after they were apparently blocked on purpose.

Councillor Alexander Redpath has welcomed the maintenance work carried out on Main Street in the town.

The Ulster Unionist Councillor had made the request to Transport NI to fix the drainage problems on the Main Street after a complaint he received.

He claimed that at first he thought the drains were what he described as ‘a joke’ but after a close inspection it looked like someone had cut a sod and then laid it inside.

Councillor Redpath said: “A constituent contacted me about these state of these drains some time ago and included a photograph of the state the drains had got to.

“The drains had reached such a bad condition that I initially thought it was a joke but after inspecting the site myself I found that the concerns were well founded.

“I would like to thank Transport NI for attending to this matter especially given the incredibly difficult budget situation they are facing.”

He went onto say, “Transport NI have been starved of resources for too long.

“This is unlikely to change until the ongoing impasse on welfare reform has been resolved.

“Winter is approaching and the demand for road maintenance is only going to increase.

“I would call upon the Ministers of the Northern Ireland Executive to get back to their desks and resolve their issues.

“Grand promises were made by certain parties about what they would do with the roads if they were in charge.

“They are in charge now and if anything the situation is getting worse.”