Thanks from UKIP election candidate

UKIPAlan Love Lagan Valley.JPG
UKIPAlan Love Lagan Valley.JPG

Alan Love, UKIP’s Candidate for Lagan Valley in last week’s election, has expressed his thanks to the 2,200 people who voted for him.

He said: “I am very pleased that the first time UKIP has contested an election across the whole of Lagan Valley more than one voter in 20 wanted a UKIP candidate to represent them in Parliament.

“UKIP has established itself as the voice of non-sectarian Unionism and freedom from the undemocratic European Union. In terms of votes cast, UKIP is now the third party of the United Kingdom.

“It is probable that there will be a constitutional convention sometime during the life of the new Parliament. Newly elected pro-Union MPs from Northern Ireland must remember that cementing a strong Union is overwhelmingly in Northern Ireland’s interests and should trump any narrow short-term gain in terms of extracting finance for pet projects.”