Teenage girls stone swan and baby cygnets in Lurgan

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Three teenage girls were spotted stoning a swan and her baby cygnets in Lurgan last night.

An angry witness said the girls, who were laughing, pelted the birds with stones and pebbles.

It is believed one of the girls may have videoed the attack on her mobile phone.

The witness posted on Lost pets/missing pets lurgan/craigavon/Portadown and described a sickening attack on the birds.

It happened close to the lake’s shoreline between the summer seat bench and the outlet water flow at around 8.20pm.

“Three young girls approx. 14 or 15 years of age were close to water’s edge and throwing stones directly at an adult swan. The other birds around her presumably her signets swam out to safety.

“The adult bird remained in an open winged position flapping as to distract.

“Two of the three girls were actively persistent in their relentless attack, even resorting to gathering handfuls of blinding (the small grey stones on pathway) the third held a mobile phone in her hand uncertain but was possibly recording it, she occasionally joined in when located a stone.

“All had long hair and wearing black or black jeans,” said the statement. “They were laughing and screaming at the adult bird.

“It is a sad reflection on society that young people could partake in such a mindless act.

“The police can’t be everywhere nor can the park wardens. Responsibility lies with the mindless individuals.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police received a third party report that a number of young girls were throwing stones at swans in Lurgan Park around 9pm last night, Sunday 28 August.

“Police checked the area, however there were no sign of any girls in the park.”