Team from Christ Church bring hope to a community in Uganda

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A team from Christ Church in Lisburn recently returned from a mission trip to Uganda.

Beth Harris, Audrey Knowles, Roberta Thompson, Janice Thompson, Jane Marks, Beverley Thompson, Richard Thompson, Gary Knowles, Paul Dundas, Raymond Geddis and Johnston Boyle from the Lisburn church visited St Apollo School in the ‘Killing Fields’ area of Uganda.

Christ Church minister Rev Paul Dundas, who was part of the team, explained: “The two weeks had many surprises, including the procession to the school.

“The warmth of welcome was so evident to us all. We were truly blessed by the experience of this Fields of Life School in a remote part of Uganda. This was the third parish team to the school with the team members all have being at the school previously.

“We had a programme shaped by the needs of the school and Fields of Life.

“The four guys on the team worked hard in making 24 benches and 12 tables for the children in the nursery, as well as two desks and two chairs for the nursery teachers, and two bookcases and two blackboards. An amazing achievement by the men but which will bring so much blessing to the nursery.

“The six ladies on the team and the rector delivered a series of three lessons on the life of Jesus to four combined classes for each lesson in the church.

“We also distributed underwear to the children, as well as football kits, a bible in English to each child as well as stationary.

“As we journeyed with the children and teachers during the two weeks, we witnessed the improvement of the children’s English since our last visit 2 years ago. We are ‘friends’ together in this partnership. The school environment was deeply enriched thanks due to the dedication and commitment of the staff under the leadership of the principal Madame Esther and vice principal Godfrey Kaliiba.”