Take on the Cookie Roulette challenge for charity

Are you brave enough to take on Cookie Roulette?
Are you brave enough to take on Cookie Roulette?

There was much hilarity in the Ulster Star office recently as staff took on ‘Cookie Roulette’.

As part of the annual Big Curry month of October, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has launched a fiery challenge: Cookie Roulette – one of the six specially made cookies will be laced with hot chilli.

Dare you take on the challenge?

We certainly did take on the challenge.

But...we didn’t quite follow the rules!

Unfortunately, the day we decided the take on the challenge, there were only five of us in the office.

We each selected a cookie and hesitantly took a bite.

Each of us looked at the other, trying to decide who had the fiery baked biscuit.

The answer was none of us!

With some laughter, we each decided to try the hot chilli cookie, thinking, ‘how hot could it be?’

The answer is HOT!

Much water was needed, but each of the five brave souls didn’t back down from the challenge and we each tried the laced cookie.

Now you can too!

Each October thousands of individuals, groups of friends, and businesses raise funds for The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of the British Army, by hosting a Big Curry.

This year to turn up the temperature, the Charity is launching Cookie Roulette, where one cookie will be spiced with fiery curry powder.

The cookies, made by Queen of Hearts Cookie Company, will be available in limited-edition packs from their website (www.biscuit.gift). The money raised by the cookie sales and Big Curry goes towards helping thousands of soldiers, veterans and their immediate families. The Soldiers’ Charity has spent more that £4.5 million on grants in the last 12 months alone.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, comments: “Each year thousands of people go to great lengths to raise money for us, and this is definitely one for the brave. Not only is this a fun challenge, unless you get the curry cookie, it also raises necessary money for the soldiers or veterans who may need help.”

More about Big Curry:

It’s easy to get involved in the Big Curry.

Eat In: Hold a curry night at home (home-cooked or take-away) and ask your guests to ‘pay’ in donations

Eat Out: Visit your local pub or curry house with friends or family and match the price of the meal in donations

You’ll find lots of fundraising ideas, resources and recipes on our website. How you host your Big Curry is up to you – but whatever you do, please do something, because our soldiers need us just as much as we need them.

WHEN: throughout the month of October

WHERE: in your home, your office, your local pub, takeaway...wherever you like!

HOW MUCH: why not raise money by selling tickets, hold a raffle or sponsored chilli challenge?

WEB: www.soldierscharity.org/bigcurry or phone 0207 811 3202.