‘Take cobbles away’ say residents

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For two years Lambeg and District Ratepayers Association and former Lisburn Councillor Yvonne Craig have been pushing for the Moss Road cobbled area, which is maintained by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, to be refurbished.

The community group, in conjunction with Harmony Hill Residents Association, conducted a survey last summer of residents in the area and the overwhelming response was that the community wanted the cobbled area removed and the area regenerated.

With the advent of the new Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, a site meeting was set up with elected representatives Jonathan Craig MLA, Councillor Scott Carson and Councillor Margaret Tolerton, as well as Council Officer Albert Reynolds, who was recently put in charge of this project.

“The need for refurbishment is obvious,” explained Mrs Yvonne Craig.

“There are weeds, broken bollards and uneven raised cobble stones as the result of tree roots growing through the cobbles.

“The anti-pedestrian paving was placed in this area of the Moss Road during the late 1970s and has served its purpose.

“It is long overdue replacement with tarmac or paving that would breathe new life into this area.

“The council has neglected this area over many years and we in the Lambeg and District Ratepayers Association feel that it is now the time for the new council, given the legal requirement for community engagement, listen to its residents and act according to their wishes.

“Mr Reynolds has agreed that urgent weeding and removal of broken or loose bollards and bricks or cobbles is required in the short term and that complete refurbishment is required.

“However he felt that this would be a long term project as no finance had been set aside for this project at present.

“Further meetings will be arranged to discuss possible ways forward which would include sourcing funding from outside the council and working with the community.

“The Lambeg and District Ratepayers Association is calling on the council to stop sitting on its hands and urgently take action to remove the trip hazard from the Moss Road and replace it with simple tarmac or paving which will enhance the area and transform it from appearing derelict into a vibrant looking shopping area.”