Support available for vulnerable people

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Vulnerable people in Lisburn are being reminded that there are helplines available offering support at this time of year.

PUP representative for the greater Lisburn area, Alan Doak is calling on people within the community whom may feel vulnerable to take advantage of these services.

Alan Doak, PUP.

Alan Doak, PUP.

Mr Alan Doak said: “Over the past year we have seen a worrying increase in suicides and drug-related deaths. I myself have experienced depression and at times have struggled with it. However lifting the telephone and accessing support services has enabled me to overcome it.

“Depression does not discriminate by age, gender or class. It does not just affect young people within our community. Recent deaths have included men in their forties. No one is immune from suffering mental ill health and it is dangerous to assume they are. Whether you are unemployed, or the CEO of a company, you can suffer from depression.

He added: “If over the festive period anyone feels that they need someone to talk to, some support, or for any other reason, there are people who can help. The Samaritans (116 123), AWARE NI (0845 120 2961) and Lifeline (0808 808 8000). There is no need to suffer alone and we want all of the community to avail of this support where needed.”