Stop ‘messing around’ near railway lines - Translink warns

File pic.
File pic.

Translink have warned about the dangers of “messing around” near railway tracks after a group of youths were spotted congregating at Dunmurry Train halt.

Police spoke to the youths after the Citywatch team observed the group pushing a trolley full of alcohol towards the halt.

Following the incident, Translink highlighted the danger of congregating near stations and railways.

A spokesperson said: “Safety is our top priority. We are aware of some issues regarding youths congregating around Dunmurry train station and we have been working closely with the PSNI to deal with this. Many young people are oblivious to the very real dangers of ‘messing around’ near railway stations and tracks. They are putting themselves and the lives of other rail users at severe risk without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

“We appeal to parents and carers to remind young people to stay away from railway tracks. By working together, we can prevent potentially dangerous incidents of trespass and dangerous behaviour on platforms and near railway tracks, what might seem to be a bit of harmless fun or simple carelessness can quickly turn into a very dangerous situation. We work closely with schools and community groups to educate young people and also continue to operate a reward scheme, which offers up to £1,000 reward to anyone who gives evidence leading to a successful prosecution.”