Spider skin find weaves web of fear

The tarantula skin that caused the panic.
The tarantula skin that caused the panic.

Spidey Senses were set to tingling in Lisburn at news that a tarantula might be on the loose in the city, but it all turned out to be a prank gone wrong.

Advanced Veterinary Care had posted on its Facebook page that a tarantula’s skin had been found on a garden path in the Drumbeg Drive / Moira Road area.

The World Wide Web took on a new meaning for local arachnophobes as the post also advised: “Please be careful if you come across the spider as they can fire hairs, when they feel threatened, which can cause pain and discomfort if they enter the eyes, nose and mouth area.”

Just as everyone spun themselves into a frenzy, with over 1,500 shares on the post, it was revealed the skin had been brought home from a school trip to scare a localgirl’s mum.

The girl told Advanced Veterinary Care: “Just to let you know that I got given the tarantula skin to scare my mum but it flew out of my hand, so there’s nothing to worry about!”

A picture of the healthy tarantula, safe and sound, was also sent, allowing everyone to relax.

Holly Jones also posted on the page to say there was no need to panic as Incy Wincy Spider was not climbing up the spout.

“Folks we would just like to clarify that this is not the case,” she said.

“As part of our Big Lottery Empowering Youth Project we brought in Rep-Tails, who showed our young people a number of different spiders and snakes, including tarantulas.

“One of our young people asked could she take home the skin that one of the tarantula’s had shed. On the way home it subsequently blew out of her hand and she could not find it.

“It has now subsequently turned up and caused a bit of a story to say the least.”