Social housing row rages on


Assembly member Edwin Poots is calling on Habinteg to rethink its plans to build ten social homes on a green space site at Iniscairn in Lisburn.

A public meeting was held last week, at the Independent Methodist Church Hall Causeway End Road, last Thursday where 50 residents aired their opposition to the plans.

Mr Poots said he believed it was not an appropriate site to build on when the development was originally planned for a green space for the local community to use.

“It is clear from the meeting that residents are strongly opposed to these plans to develop this site,” he said. “I know that more social housing is needed in Lisburn but these homes should not be built here.

“For one, the sewage system problems in the area needs to be addressed. I heard from residents who have complained of flooding who say that if more homes are built the problems will only get worse.

“There are also concerns over the lack of space for extra car parking which is needed which in my view is just ridiculous.

“Then there is the question of the green site which was never to be built on anyway.

“I feel that, if the plans are put through, I cannot see how they will be passed by planners under the circumstances.

“I know that Lisburn already has a low level of green space which is why I feel it is important that this space should be left alone.

“I fear that if plans go ahead to build on the green space then it will have an affect on green space throughout Lisburn.”

He went onto say that if the area was built on it would also take away trees in the area.

“It would be counterproductive for planners who are ensuring new private developments leave green space to give approval to public housing providers that reverses that policy,” he said. “The green area has a considerable number of trees which would also be lost if the area was built out. Lisburn already has a low level of green space within the urban footprint.”