Slimming club leader award for Sandra

Sandra McDonnell-Hill
Sandra McDonnell-Hill

Slimming World consultant Sandra McDonnell-Hill has proved she’s weight-loss royalty after winning a Sapphire Award for her work in helping people slim down and improve their health.

Sandra runs St Annes Slimming World group at St Annes Parish Centre every Tuesday night and will now run a new morning Wednesday group.

She was thrilled to receive the award for inspiring dozens of people in the local community to slim down, inspired by her own weight loss journey with Slimming World.

Sandra says: “Since my late teens I’ve carried a little more weight than I felt comfortable with.

To some it may not have seemed much but to me it was what was making me unhappy.

“I struggled over the years trying various things, losing it, putting it back on and a little more, the restrictions of dieting always led to my downfall.”

The accolade sees Sandra, who lost 2st 11lbs with Slimming World herself, became a Sapphire Consultant.

Sandra, who opened her first group two years ago says, “Lots of people want to lose weight but they often don’t know how.

“When members come to my group they tell me they’ve tried losing weight before and it hasn’t worked so they feel like failures.

“I reassure them that it isn’t them who failed but the programme they followed, usually because the diet was too strict or because they didn’t get the right support. This leaves people thinking that they can’t do it – that they’ll never succeed with any diet – but members in our St Annes group have lost 140 stone since November 2015.”

She adds: “I’m so proud to have achieved this award and I’m celebrating having opened my brand new Wednesday morning group at St Annes.

“Slimming World is celebrating 47 years of helping people lose weight and keep it off. I opened my first group in July 2014.

“I’m confident Slimming World really is the best and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off, and all of my members – including these 45 new members – will be healthier and happier thanks to Slimming World.”

For more information visit or call Sandra on 07806694628

St Annes group, meet on Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm and Wednesday at 9.30am.