Shortcut shut but speeding fears persist

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Police have moved to prevent drivers using a connecting path as a shortcut between two Lisburn estates where residents say they live in fear of speeding motorists.

Permanent bollards have been installed to steer drivers clear of the path betweenthe Windermere and Rathvarna areas, but despite the welcome addition, locals fear a serious accident is inevitable if motorists don’t take more care.

Said one: “There are a lot of children living in the area, many of whom walk to and from school every day.

“Cars seem to drive very fast through the estates, take corners very quickly and use inappropriate shortcuts.

“I worry there will be a serious accident if something isn’t done to resolve the problem.”

It was in answer to specific concerns about vehicles using the connecting lane that neighbourhood police and Choice Housing introduced bollards.

A police spokesperson said: “This path is regularly used by residents, including local children walking to the school nearby, so hopefully this will work.” Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan added: “Many pedestrians travel through this path to access local shops. However, the driving of cars across the footpath is particularly concerning.

“I have no doubt the action taken will prevent access to vehicles and secure the footpath as a pedestrian-only zone.”

Local Policing and Community Safety Partnership Chairman, Councillor Scott Carson said working in partnership was key to allaying many fears. ”The partnership between the police, the local community and Choice Housing in this instance has proved very productive,” he said.