Seven year old Sophie gets the chop for charity

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Seven year old Pond Park pupil Sophie Koscielny has proved that she is a cut above the rest when she went under the scissors for charity.

Sophie decided to cut her long locks and donate the nine inches to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children who lose their hair whilst undergoing cancer treatment.

“Sophie’s godmother Aly Harte had cut her hair for the charity and Sophie decided she wanted to do the same thing,” explained Sophie’s mum Sharon.

“I made her wait until after her ballet exam and then she was still so determined I let her do it.

“I did explain she would have very short hair afterwards but she said ‘there are lots of little girls who have non and that would be horrible’.”

Sophie had the chop at Chocolate Hair Salon in Bachelor’s Walk, where Emma took good care of her young customer.

“I thought she might struggle to make the seven inch length that the charity needs but I was surprised that the plait cut off turned out to be nine inches long,” continued Sharon.

“At the end of the appointment, the hairdresser told Sophie she looked very pretty with short hair ‘Oh I know’ was the reply!

“She is very impressed with herself and keeps telling us ‘this is my first time having dinner with short hair’; ‘this is the first time going swimming with short hair’; ‘this is my first time going to ballet with short hair’.

“She is a very kind heartened child with a sensitive wee soul and we are really proud of her.”

But Sophie didn’t just stop at donating her hair, she was also determined to raise the money needed by the charity to make a wig.

“We saw on the charity website that it cost £350 to make a wig,” continued Sharon. “We decided to ask friends and family for a donation and we thought we would be pleased if we even raised £50.

“People have been so generous and we have actually raised £400, which is fantastic.

”We didn’t have to push at all, people were just really generous. I have been blown away by it.”

Sophie clearly takes after her mother, who raised money for Tiny Life last year.

And it seems as if she has fundraising in her blood.

“I did some fundraising last year for Tiny Life and Sophie was really impressed that people would give you money for charity.

“She is very kind and thoughtful and she seems to be really into it now so I am sure we will be doing a lot more fundraising in the future.”

To find out more about The Little Princess Trust, or find out how you can donate hair, log onto

Or contact the charity on 0845 094 2169.