Seven arrests in 24 hours thanks to CCTV team

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The was no Easter Break for many Lisburn PSNI officers as they had a very busy 24 hours, arresting seven people.

The arrests were made thank to the good work of the eagle-eyed Citywatch CCTV team who directed police to the incidents.

A Citwatch spokesperson said: “It started on Thursday morning when we received a report that staff from a store at Bow Street Mall were attempting to detain a male for theft who did not wish to be detained. “Police were tasked and the male was detained. The male was then arrested for theft of a hooded top but was also found to be wearing the matching bottoms under his own track bottoms which were also stolen.

“We then received another report of a female having been detained for theft at the other end of Bow Street. While CCTV Operators kept an eye on the police vehicle a drunk male was then seen to be trying to get into the police vehicle having tried his best to get out of it the previous day.

“Other police callsigns were informed and the male was then arrested for Breach of Bail while the female was issued with a Community Resolution Notice for theft.

“We then received a request for police as a pair of drunk males were refused service at a local bar and that one of the males became aggressive and was refusing to leave. Police were informed and directed to the male who had since left the bar; he was then arrested for Breach of Court Bail having consumed alcohol.

“Just after 1am we received a report that two males had made their way into a closed area of a bar and had helped themselves to a bit of self servicing of drinks and shots. Prior to the report we had been observing the 2 males rolling about the ground in a very drunken state and now we know why. Police were informed and tasked to the males who were both arrested on Suspicion of Burglary.”

Then on Friday morning CCTV Operators observed a female known for theft in the Bow Street area. The spokesperson added: “The female then made her way into a store on Bow Street and staff at the store made aware. The female then left the store and staff reported that she had stolen cosmetics. Police were informed and directed to the female who was then stopped and arrested for theft.

That afternoon CCTV staff had received a report from Security at Bow Street Mall that a male had attempted a theft at a unit within the Mall.

They said: “The male was then observed by CCTV Operators running into the grounds of the Parochial House on Chapel Hill and then led police in a game of hide and seek that was until the arrival of Oscar 44 or more affectionately known as the doggy man who managed to flush the male out. After another brief foot chase the male was then detained and arrested on Suspicion of Theft and £215 of other stolen items were recovered.”