Search for Lisburn family

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An American woman is searching for her family in Lisburn and she is hoping local people might be able to help.

Mary Wright Scribner lives in the States but her mother was born in Lisburn and Marie is planning to visit her hometown in the near future and would love to meet up with her long lost family.

“I was born to Isabell Dunleavy from Lisburn,” explained Mary. “She married Wallace Wright from the US when he was in the service.

“My mother and I came to the US in May 1946,. although I have been back to Lisburn several times over the years.

“My mother’s parents were William (Billy) and Mary Dunleavy. They lived at 22 Antrim Place in Lisburn. They also had two sons, Billy and James.

“Billy never married, however, James married Ann and they had three children - two boys and a girl. I believe one son was Seamus and their daughter was Mandy. Unfortunately, we never kept in touch very much so I don’t know of their whereabouts.

“We are also related to the Close family - Jackie (John), Jimmy and Sadie. Their mother was Sarah Close but I never knew the husband.

“Angela, Jackie’s wife passed away June 2013, Jimmy passed a few years ago and his wife Kathleen passed away early 2012. Sadie passed just in the past few years. Seamus Close, Jimmy and Kathleen’s son was on the Council for many years. However, he was never close to the Dunleavy family so he has not been able to help me out in trying to find Billy and James. “They both may be deceased, but I do not know for sure.

“I am hoping that someone will notice the name Dunleavy or Close and be able to shed some light on some of my family. Particularly, my cousins, James’s children. They may not be living in Lisburn, but perhaps someone might know their whereabouts. Many who would have known my mother and her parents are not alive.”

If you know the Dunleavy or Close family and can provide Mary with any information, contact Julie-Ann Spence at the Star at or telephone 92679111.