SDLP’s Pat Catney asks locals 
to ‘lend’ him their votes

SDLP Assembly election candidate Pat Catney has said he wants to change the economy in Lisburn and is urging people to put aside traditional sectarian politics.

“I am a local councillor and have proudly represented Killultagh on Lisburn Council since 2011,” he said.

“I now want to take the next step up and represent the entire population of Lagan Valley in the Assembly. I give my all in my council duties and will do the same if elected to Stormont.

“I’m a previous business owner of over 30 years and I pledge to use my business acumen in helping to improve the economic situation in Lagan Valley. I want to bring jobs and tourism to the community and re-invigorate our local arts and nightlife.

“Lisburn and the surrounding areas are wonderful places to live and I want the area to achieve its full potential.

“I’m not interested in the green and orange politics of our past, just the integrated future we can look forward to.

“I’m tired of the same old, confrontational politics; I’ve stood on the picket lines with the people of Lisburn against the closure of our hospital services and against the austerity cuts introduced by this government.

“I’ve cared for our local community in council and in my running of a local pastoral centre. In 2011 we were so close to achieving that final seat and I’m confident that we can obtain it this time, With an extra 500 votes it’ll be possible to shake up that sixth seat and take it. I’ve always asked people to ‘lend’ me their vote as it’s not mine to own. I’m a public servant, my mandate is owned by the public.

“My goals, if I’m elected, are to change the landscape of our economy in Lagan Valley.

“I want excellent education for all of our children along with safety and opportunity in their future. I want world-class healthcare locally and across the province.

“Lastly I dream of a Lagan Valley that is totally inclusive no matter your creed, colour or background.”