Scottish Pastor unpacks scriptures at Baptist

Throughout this week and until Sunday 20th March 2016, Lisburn Baptist Church is hosting a teaching series with Pastor John Shearer from Scotland as the special speaker.

Not only the intriguing titles of his messages, but also his Scottish accent and thorough Bible-based exposition, have already attracted visitors to these ministry meetings. The remainder are sure to be no different.

On Sunday 13th March, Pastor Shearer spoke on ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and contrasted the ancient cities of Jericho and Bethel as found in the Old Testament in 2nd Kings Chapter 2.

From these verses he showed from God’s intervention at Jericho that God “can change everything” for He is someone who “specializes in the transformation of the most tragic of situations.”

But from the incident at Bethel, the serious fact was that “God will not be mocked” for He will “judge sin wherever He finds it.”

Monday night’s presentation on ‘The noblest use of Power’ dealt with trying to understand the times in which we live, and the warnings from 2 Samuel Chapter 6, if God is not put at the centre of our lives, our churches and our society.

The speaker stressed the importance of the Bible - the Word of God, His Holiness, Sovereignty and Goodness, but also the danger of restricting the Worship of God.

“We want Jesus to be at the centre of everything”, he emphasised and appealed for “felt, doctrinal, experiential worship of the living God.”

Pastor Shearer’s visit climaxes on Palm Sunday afternoon, 20th March 2016, with a special event entitled, “The Greatest Story ever told” to which everyone is invited. This is at 4.30pm and an ‘Easter Tea’ will be provided for all at the conclusion.

Further information as well as recordings of Pastor Shearer’s messages at Lisburn Baptist during this week are available at