Schoolmates pray for road accident twins (6)

Scene of Wednesday's RTC at Railway Street, Lisburn
Scene of Wednesday's RTC at Railway Street, Lisburn

Prayers were said at a special assembly at Ballymacward Primary School, Stoneyford on Thursday morning, for twin boys knocked down as they attempted to cross Railway Street in Lisburn on Wednesday afternoon.

The boys who are six years of age, are believed to be from the Stoneyford area and were being taken to a hairdresser’s salon in the area when the accident occurred.

One of the boys, according to the Belfast Trust ,remains in a critical condition at the Royal while the other is believed to be suffering from minor injuries.

Police say that there were no arrests following the accident.

Principal of the school Brendan Sadlier said, “After hearing the news of the terrible accident, we held a special assembly for the pupils and staff this morning (Thursday). Our thoughts and prayers and the whole school community are with the family at this very difficult time.”

Assembly member Jonathan Craig said that he hoped the boys made a full recovery.

“These things happen in a split second,” he said. “It is hard to take in. I just hope and pray that both boys have a full recovery.

“It is important to rally round and support the family. It is horrendous.”

The accident comes just days after 14-year-old Mark Colgan was killed as he was struck by a van as he waited to catch the bus to school in Banbridge.

Councillor Jenny Palmer who wished the boys well, said that the scenes of the accident sent shivers down her spine. She too was knocked down as a child. She was just four years of age when she was struck by a car at Lawnmount near the Low Road.

Her injuries were so severe that she was left in a two day coma after she was struck by a vehicle as she went out for an Easter egg close to her grandmothers house. She suffered a range of injuries including a broken leg, shoulder, fractured skull, and left with cuts and bruises. She had also to undergo plastic surgery and spent six weeks recovering from her injuries at both the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald and the Royal Victoria Hospital.

“Seeing scenes at Railway Street just brought back horrible memories,” she said. “I really hope the boys recover well.

“It sent chills down my spine when I heard of the accident. I am not sure of the circumstances but the traffic was very congested at that time.”

Councillor Andrew Ewing was shocked and saddened to hear of the news of the accident and hoped the children a quick recovery.

Railway Street where the accident occurred is currently undergoing roadworks and it is was particularly congested yesterday.

The collision is believed to have happened where two lanes of traffic merge into one.

Railway Street in Lisburn was closed to traffic for several hours following the crash and diversions were put in place.