Rowandale Primary pupils go the extra mile

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Rowandale Primary School was the first school within the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area to start using ‘The Daily Mile’ in April.

Everyday all the children, including the nursery, take part in a 15 minute walk or run within the school grounds with their teacher.

All the staff have embraced the programme wholeheartedly and each classroom have taken ownership of how and when to fit it into the school day.

Mrs Frances Hughes, principal, said: “I think it has had a really significant impact on the children’s wellbeing both physically and emotionally. The benefits the children have gained, even in the short time of piloting the project, have filled us with confidence that the programme will be continued as an integral part of the educational routine.”

Trudy Brown, Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust added: “In getting the views of the children on the programme most children truly love it. Comments included ‘it is epic’ with children able to state many benefits. They feel it helps them learn better when they have had a brain break and they feel happier and healthy from the initiative.

“Staff reported a change in the children’s endurance levels already and many children are now taking advantage of the local Moira Junior Park Run. This adds value to the initiative and helps children get the recommended levels of activity which is needed for good health. Too many children today do not meet the current daily guidelines of doing moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes and up to several hours every day.”