Rory is spotted out on the town with Lisburn love

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The rumour mill has been spinning after Northern Ireland’s sporting hero, Rory McIlroy, was spotted out on the town with Lisburn lady Sasha Gale.

Sasha, who has modelled in the past with ACA Models and was in the running in 2010 for Miss Northern Ireland, was seen out with the British Open Golf champion at the Chelsea Wine Bar on the Lisburn Road.

A source told a national newspaper the couple got together after meeting five weeks ago and their ‘romance is blossoming’.

Sasha, who works at a car dealership on the Boucher Road, may be a familiar sight to many in Lisburn having worked in popular city centre shops River Island and Streetlife.

She was certainly familiar to the Star office, after carrying out work experience at the paper whilst still a 16 year old student at Laurelhill Community College.

Back then Sasha named Frank Lampard as her favourite sportsperson but she may have changed her mind by now.

As a teenager she longed to be a fashion journalist and described her style as ‘individual’.

Her dream holiday destination was Turkey and she had a love of Italian cuisine.

As well as talking about her love of fashion, she also had a love of dancing and admitted her proudest moment came when she won a dance competition as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Festival.

Sasha also revealed her most embarrassing moment to the readers of the Star. “I went along to an audition for a TV advert with a group of friends,” she explained. “I was chosen to audition for a part as a chav. We weren’t supposed to speak but I wasn’t aware of this. When the director said ‘action’ I yelled ‘What are you looking at?’ in a very chav accent - the whole room erupted with laughter and my face was as pink as a Barbie car.

After leaving school, Sasha took to the skies as an air hostess with British Airways.

However, her feet are now firmly back on the ground, unless Rory sweeps her off them again.