Road works in Lagan Valley

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The Department of Regional Development has provided an update on planned road works in the Lagan Valley area after a question from local MLA Brenda Hale.

Welcoming the reply, Mrs Hale said, “Since taking over the office of DRD Minister several months ago, Michelle McIlveen has worked tirelessly to address many outstanding issues.

“I was delighted when she signed off on phase 1 of the weight restriction measures in Hillsborough Village and I have met with her several times to raise various roads issues in Lagan Valley.”

Work listed includes carriageway resurfacing at the following locations: Governors Road, Lany Road (Bridge Road – Meadow Bridge Primary School), Moira Road (St James Road to Kilwarlin Road), Dromore Road (A1 – Edentrillick Road) and Refords Lane. Carriageway Refurbishing works include, Ballynahinch Road, Hillsborough, Glebe Road, Annahilt, Glenwood Court, Lisburn, Front Road / Mealough Road, Drumbo and Hammond Road, Maghaberry. Verge strengthening works will take place at Crumlin Road and Tornagrough Road and drainage works at Pond Park Road and McKinstry Road.

There will be minor road improvements at the following locations: B23 Hillhall Road (near junction with Glen Road) – bend improvement, Knockmore Road Lisburn - Footway Link and Bottier Road, Moira - new footway.

And maintenance of structures at the following locations: Baileysmill Bridge, on A49 Old Ballynahinch Rd - parapet repairs, A49 Old Ballynahinch Rd - removal of retaining wall, Queensway - parapet repairs (structural assessment in progress), Potters Bridge - parapet repairs (programmed April 2016), A26 Glenavy Road at Upper Ballinderry - parapet repairs and VRS extension (programmed for March 2016), Glenavy Footbridge, A26 Moira Road - chord repairs (programmed for April 2016)