Road tragedy comes after safety fears raised by residents

Glebe Road. Pic: Google.
Glebe Road. Pic: Google.

Safety concerns about an Annahilt road where a 78-year-old pedestrian was killed had been flagged up only two months ago, it has been revealed.

The collision, involving a pedestrian and a red Volvo C30 car, happened on the Glebe Road at its junction with Glebe Manor and the Carricknadarriff Road around 8.45pm on Tuesday night.

Lagan Valley MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson told the Star that he had been in contact with Roads Service in September regarding the Glebe Road, including the junction with the Ballykeel and Windmill Road.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said: “This is desperately sad news that yet another life has been lost on our local roads. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased and all those involved, including the emergency services.

“Whilst we do not yet know the circumstances of this particular fatal collision and whether road conditions were a factor, I have recently raised concerns with Roads Service about the safety of the junction of Glebe Road with Windmill Road and Ballykeel Road.

“Whilst we have succeeded in recent years in having a 40mph speed limit introduced on this section of road, there is still a need to make improvements to the safety of this junction and as soon as the details of this tragic collision are available, I will be raising the matter again with Roads Service.”

A response from the department of infastructure highlighted how in recent years a 40mph speed limit had been introduced on the Glebe Road.

Meanwhile local councillor Luke Poots has said that he intends to raise the issue of safety concerns on this road to Transport NI officials at this Monday evening’s council meeting.

He said: “I will be re-raising this with Roads Service, we were already in the process. Roads Service haven’t came back with anything adequate.”

Police have appealed for information regarding the collision which occurred on Tuesday evening.