Residents wake to illegal tyre dump

Residents in a remote area of Lisburn awoke on Tuesday morning to find they were

unable to leave their home

because of an illegal tyre dump on their driveway.

The recent incident is the fifth of its kind reported in the council area in the past five weeks, most within the Glenavy and Stoneyford areas.

In an attempt to crack down on illegal tyre dumping, Lisburn City Council is asking local residents to be vigilant and where necessary assist by providing information to aid investigation.

Chairman of the Council’s Environmental Services Committee, Councillor Jenny Palmer, said: “We have had several major incidents where hundreds of tyres have been illegally dumped in the Council area.

“This is a serious issue. We are getting more and more complaints about illegal tyre dumping and it is becoming a major problem.

“We should be looking at ways of controlling the tyre industry.

“Most of the complaints come from farmers who see the tyres dumped on their fields or on the roads.

“This is a disgraceful abuse of the environment and causes major problems for landowners and rural residents and we are urging the public to pass on important information that could lead to rightful prosecution, following a full investigation.

“If anyone witnesses the dumping of tyres please take note of the vehicle make, model and registration as well as a description of the person involved and contact the Council’s Technical Services Team.

“Not only are they an eye-sore but they can have an adverse impact on the environment and the illegal dumping of tyres undermines the legitimate businesses who have a licence to legally dispose of tyres.

“Dumping waste illegally is a serious crime and one that carries substantial fines and even prison sentences, so do your part for the environment and help Lisburn City Council crack down on this illegal activity.

“Whilst we are highlighting tyres, the Council will not tolerate fly-tipping of any kind.”

Anyone caught dumping tyres could face fines or imprisonment from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Lisburn City Council provides information to the Environmental Crime Unit of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for investigation and prosecution in large scale incidents such as illegal tyre dumping.

The public can ring Lisburn City Council’s Technical Services Team on 92509 453.