Research reveals average Lisburn house price as £164,174

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The average house price in Lisburn is £164,174 according to new Ulster University research.

Ulster University’s Quarterly House Price Index Report is produced in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Progressive Building Society.

According to the University research the average house price of £164,174 in Lisburn has dropped by 10 percent over the year. It indicates that key sectors of the market also experienced lower prices with terraced/townhouses being priced at £114,471 and detached houses being priced at £228,058. The semi-detached house sector is the one property type to exhibit annual price growth up 2.8 percent to £148,713, however over the quarter the average price has decreased slightly.

It also outlined that the annual price for semi-detached house sector grew by 2.8 percent, with the average price being £148,713.

For Northern Ireland as a whole the new Ulster University research has indicated an annual increase in overall average house prices, however points to evidence of short-term volatility in the market, which could reflect uncertainties following the Brexit vote.

The University research recorded an annual increase in the overall Northern Ireland average house price by 6.1 per cent to £159,932, however reveals a less optimistic picture over the quarter with an increase of just 0.1 per cent. It suggests that in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, both potential sellers’ and buyers’ concerns may have been heightened, contributing to a slowdown in house price growth.