Redpath elected to Euro Young Conservatives role

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Ulster Unionist Councillor Alexander Redpath has been elected Vice-Chairman of the European Young Conservatives, a group consisting of youth wings of centre-right political parties across Europe.

“I am delighted,” he said, “to take up this role with the European Young Conservatives.

“The Ulster Unionist Party’s youth wing, the Young Unionists, has taken an increasingly active role within the European Young Conservatives.

“This allows us to offer our members opportunities for training and discourse with other European centre-right parties.

“I believe that when other parties in Northern Ireland are becoming increasingly insular and inwardly focused it is important for our members to have an international and outward looking perspective.

“The European Young Conservatives are committed to a Europe of independent nations, free trade, individual liberty and the principle of localism with power exercised at the most local level possible.

“These values are critical to the reform of the European Union which must fundamentally change if it is to survive.”

Ulster Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson added: “It is great to see the Young Unionists taking up a role in the European Young Conservatives, affording them the opportunity to represent Northern Ireland in this group, which will allow our young party members to engage with other political minds across Europe.

“I congratulate Alex on his election as Vice-Chairman of the European Young Conservatives.”

As of 2014, the European Young Conservatives group has a membership of 22 political youth organisations from 21 different countries and territories.

The European Young Conservatives is independent and not affiliated with any European political party.

It maintains a non-exclusive relationship with the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists.

The EYC is a full member of the International Young Democrat Union and its patron was Margaret Thatcher until her death in 2013.