Range of issues raised with police

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A recent productive meeting was held between PSNI Superintendent Sean Wright and Brenda Hale Lagan Valley MLA, to discuss how the PSNI was managing the significant challenges and budgetary constraints and their impact on local policing.

Issues of domestic violence, drug related crime and traffic offences where discussed, as well as the new Local Policing Teams.

”While we rightly expect the PSNI to do their job, each and everyone of us has a shared responsibility in preventing crime,” said Mrs Hale. “We need to be securing our properties, watching out for those more vulnerable in our communities and passing evidence and information to the police.”

Superintendent Wright stated: “Our new policing structures took effect on September 7 and I said clearly at that time that we remain committed to providing the high quality policing service that victims of crime and the broader public deserve.

“Through our daily focus on local issues and by increasing our levels of engagement with communities through our Local Policing Teams and our Neighbourhood Policing Team we are working hard to better understand and respond to community needs. I am pleased to be able to say that early feedback from a range of sources indicates that policing is more visible across the District and we are focussing in the correct areas”.

Mrs Hale added: “I am pleased to see that the PSNI continue to actively pursue law breakers and a total of 580 arrests for a broad range of crimes across the entire District.

Superintendent Wright concluded: “I am determined that policing across Lisburn and Castlereagh City is proactive in response to community needs and concerns and I am looking forward to working even more closely with elected representatives, the Council, the Police and Community Safety Partnership, statutory agencies as well as our local community and voluntary based organisations as we strive to keep people safe.”