Pupils prove that science matters at Lisburn Primary Schools

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Pupils at primary schools in Lisburn have already taken science to a new level using Science Matters materials.

Science Matters is a company aiming to promote early level learning in science by providing the teacher with the ready-made materials to inspire and engage their pupils with the world of science that surrounds them.

With a topic like ‘forces’ pupils will investigate friction and design and launch bottle rockets using their rocket launcher. In their Electricity topic, using specially designed circuit boards, pupils find out about conductors and insulators and then investigate series and parallel circuits. In another topic, Chemical Changes, pupils discover that iron wool burns and when it burns it gets heavier, and then find out why.

Coming on board with Science Matters were Anahilt, Ballymacash, St Aloysius and Seymour Hill Primary Schools.

Pupils from each of the schools enjoyed ‘hands on’ challenging science and showed great enthusiasm proving their serious appetite for good science.

Mr S Nimmon, Vice Principal of Seymour Hill Primary, commented: “If primary schools had the resources and the exposure to this type of science programme, teachers would be innovated which would then have an immediate impact on the children’s learning and understanding.”

Robert Patterson, a former science teacher who set up Science Matters added: “Our primary school teachers do an incredible job and deserve our praise and support and in areas of the curriculum like science they need to be resourced to enable them to deliver the inspiring curriculum they desire. Investing in making our science available to our early learners is vital if we are to give them a passion for future science based careers.”