PSNI respond to 2,414 calls

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In the past month police in the Lisburn and Castlereagh area have responded to 2,414 calls for service from the public.

They responded to 61 reports of missing persons, who have all been found safe and well.

They attended 93 burglaries and in response they are investigating these matters.

Crime scene investigators were tasked in order to gather all forensic evidence and offered crime prevention advice.

Any regular followers of their Facebook page will be aware that they have arrested a number of persons in regards to these matters and they are currently being progressed through the criminal justice system.

Police have also attended 57 domestic related incidents.

Not only do they investigate the offender for any offences committed but they also help the victim by referring them to support agencies such as Women’s Aid.

Officers have also made over 40 drug seizures and are prosecuting those caught.

Finally they have attended 136 road traffic collisions, as part of the drive to make the roads safer they have caught 23 persons driving under the influence of drink or drugs and issued 182 more fixed penalty tickets than they had at this point last year.

The plan for next month is more of the same, to help them do this please take steps to ensure your property is secure and should you see anything suspicious phone them immediately.