PSNI net thousands in cancer charity shave

PSNI officers Brave the Shave for Cancer Focus
PSNI officers Brave the Shave for Cancer Focus

Ten police officers in Lurgan were ‘scalped’ in a Brave the Shave Operation at the weekend, locking up thousands of pounds in loot.

And it was all in support of a colleague whose wife is very ill and who wanted to raise cash for Cancer Focus.

Dave, who used to work in Lurgan station, received devastating news recently that his wife had metastatic breast cancer.

“I have been flabbergasted at the massive support I have had from my colleagues since the news in August.

“When I said I was going to do the Brave the Shave for Cancer Focus, they were brilliant.

“I shaved the head and the beard but had to keep a goatee. I wasn’t brave enough to get it all shaved off,” he said.

“It was just in August that my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately it has spread to her bones. We are both very positive knowing that she will have to take treatment for the rest of her life.”

He revealed that she has had a full mastectomy on her left side however doctors have discovered lesions on her bones as it has spread. “She is having hormone-based therapy as it is metastatic breast cancer. We are very positive that it will work. Her positive outlook is amazing. I am amazed by her. We are sure she is going to beat this.

“Having the support of my colleagues has been overwhelming,” he said.

The couple have three small children. “It was devastating news for all of us but especially them. Cancer Focus has been there for not just them but all us and the whole family. “It was hard for all of us but especially the children. Cancer Focus was brilliant. They were able to provide counselling to us all, but most especially the kids,” said Dave.

“They came into the school at times that suited the school and organised everything. They took it over and sorted it with the school, organising times and dates and the school has been brilliant too. The teachers and the counsellor have been fantastic for the kids.

“When we got the news it was like a bomb had gone off in the middle of our lives. Cancer Focus has been amazing and they are doing this at no cost to ourselves. We just wanted to give something back.

“When I told my colleagues I was doing Brave the Shave, I was blown away by their support,” he said.

And already they have surpassed the halfway point of the £10k they want to raise.

The PSNI Craigavon Facebook page has thousands of followers and they have asked that if each one donated just 25p to Cancer Focus they could raise a whopping £10k.

“If everyone gave the price of a cup of would be a six figure sum,” said the PSNI.

Dave has set up a Just Giving page