PSNI fire rescue heroes rewarded for bravery

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Two police officers who entered a burning building to rescue a woman from a house fire in Lisburn have been recognised for their bravery.

Constable Richard Westbury and Sergeant Scott Thompson received certificates from Chief Constable George Hamilton.

The certificates, awarded by The Society for the Protection of Life from Fire, relate to an incident in Lisburn on Tuesday 26th May last year.

At 11.20am that morning, the officers responded to a flat on fire in Drumbeg Drive. Upon arrival, they were informed by neighbours that the female resident was still inside the flat.

Despite the flat being completely filled with smoke, both Sergeant Thompson and Constable Westbury entered it and found the resident lying on the floor in the front bedroom. Constable Thompson used a fire extinguisher to tackle flames in the room before both officers pulled the woman to safety.

They then administered first aid to the woman until the arrival of an ambulance. Both officers were taken to Lagan Valley Hospital to receive treatment for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Chief Constable George Hamilton said: “The swift actions of Sergeant Thompson and Constable Westbury undoubtedly saved this woman’s life and I cannot praise them highly enough for their courage during this incident.

“Their actions exemplify policing at its finest and are just one example of the many ways PSNI officers work day in day out keeping people safe.”