Principal pays tribute

Community News
Community News

The principal of Harmony Hill Primary School paid tribute to Bradley Logan and Oliver Scullion, who died within 24 hours of each other.

“The tragic events of the last week have shaken not only our school community but the entire community,” he said.

“The loss of two wonderful children, within 24 hours of each other, has been very hard to comprehend. The sense of pain felt in both families is so acute and our heartfelt sympathy from all the school goes out to them.

“The love, grace and dignity shown by both families, in their time of grief and pain, is remarkable.

“Little Oliver was due to start P1 within the next few weeks and I know he was very excited by this. Bradley had been with us for seven years. He was a gentle, talented, friendly boy.”

“We will be preparing sensitively for the return to school. We have been appreciative of the messages of support we received. We have been trying to comfort the families and our staff and members of the board of governors will continue to do so.”