Presbyterian Moderator backs Christian Aid’s year of climate action

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The Presbyterian Moderator has given his backing to a Christian Aid initiative which calls on churches to take action on climate change.

Speaking after a recent Sunday service at Maze Presbyterian, the Rt Rev Dr William Henry urged Presbyterians to heed the aid agency’s calls to lobby government for large-scale action to avert a climate catastrophe and to cut the emissions that churches and individuals are responsible for.

Young people at Maze Presbyterian Church have already taken action on plastic pollution by switching from disposable cups to ‘keep cups’ for the hot drinks served on Sundays, and Dr Henry is calling on churches to take action on climate change too,

“I want to encourage Presbyterian churches to engage with Christian Aid’s year of climate action and to do something practical to reduce their impacts on our climate,” said Dr Henry.

“Later this year, I will be travelling to Kenya where Christian Aid staff will introduce me to poor farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by drought.”

Helen Newell, Senior Church and Community Officer at Christian Aid welcomed the Moderator’s support and the first steps taken by the young people at Maze Presbyterian to protect the planet,

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face and at Christian Aid we know that many of the poor communities we work with are on the frontline of a crisis they did nothing to cause,” said Helen.

“This year, as the UK hosts the UN climate COP26 in Glasgow, the world’s attention will be focused on us.

“It is a great opportunity to stand alongside those who will be hit first and worst by the climate crisis and demand our government takes action commensurate with the scale of the challenge.”

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