Poots urges people to ‘vote leave’

Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons
Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons

Lagan Valley DUP MLA Edwin Poots has urged voters to vote leave in the referendum on European Union membership.

Mr Poots said “that voters has joined an economic trading bloc forty years ago but had ended up with a political union.”

He continued: “The most basic problem I have is the undemocratic nature of the EU, appointed Commissioners make major decisions that impact our lives on a daily basis, but the public have no meaningful way of holding them to account.

“The open borders and free movement of people undermines our sovereignty meaning 500 million people can come to the UK and avail of services and benefits unfettered. Migration is not a bad thing but should be controlled as is the case in Australia.

“UK contributes twice as much to the EU as it receives, meaning we have a £10 billion deficit each year. The Remain camp says this is a price worth paying for free access to the European market.

“The scaremongers would have you believe large tariffs would be imposed on UK exports thus costing jobs. They are ignoring the fact UK imports twice as much goods from Europe as it exports to it, therefore it would be wholly counterproductive for EU counties to introduce such tariffs. Germany for example exports each year £32 billion more to UK than it imports from it. Introducing tariffs would actually make UK business more competitive against EU imports.

“There has been an incredible scare campaign propagated by the Remain camp. If the public were to believe the propaganda we will have war with our neighbours, recession, dearer mortgages and lower house prices at the same time, poorer prices for farmers but higher food prices.

“It has been embarrassing to watch the Prime Minister express so little confidence in what is the fifth largest economy in the worlds ability to survive and thrive post Brexit.

“The trouble many of the Remain scaremongers have is they told us we couldn’t survive outside the Euro, the UK economy has grown more quickly than the Eurozone countries who have languished in recession and debt crisis, that is still not over.

“Prime Minister Cameron negotiated a lousy deal which he doesn’t want to talk about, when he had his strongest hand.

“Remaining in the EU will see a diminished UK weighed down by a regulation laden bureaucracy, supporting other European countries with little thanks.

“It is our opportunity to make the UK strong and give us reason to be proud of our country once again.”