Protest will not deter local MLA

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Lagan Valley MLA Pat Catney has vowed that a protest by Britain First, which was held outside his office on Saturday (September 15), will not deter him from his work in the community.

Mr Catney has condemned the protest by Britain First outside his constituency office and said that whilst the motive of the protest is unclear, that it will not prevent him from fulfilling his democratic duties for all sections of society.

Pat Catney MLA, SDLP

Pat Catney MLA, SDLP

“The protest outside my office will not stop me from continuing my work for all sections of society,” said Mr Catney.

“Britain First’s time would be better spent contributing to building a fairer and more tolerant society, rather than spreading their hate filled message around the city of Lisburn.

“Throughout the Troubles I was the target of both Loyalist and Republican threats, such actions didn’t deter me then, and Saturday’s empty protest by this group of xenophobes will not deter me now.

“As shown by my election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2017, Lisburn is a city for all, Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter. Any message that undermines the good relations of this great city is not welcome.”