Taxpayer’s Alliance reveals the highest earning staff in city council

According to a report by the Taxpayer’s Alliance, there are two senior members of staff at Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council who are earning a high pay check.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 12:03 pm
Mr David Burns,  Chief Executive of Lisburn & Castleragh City Council Council.
Mr David Burns, Chief Executive of Lisburn & Castleragh City Council Council.

The latest statistics, which reveal the highest paid staff in councils across the UK, show that H Moore, Director of Environmental Services earns £87,500.

The report also stated that Jim Rose, who retired last year as Director of Leisure and Community Wellbeing, earned £87,500.

However, the report from the Taxpayer’s Alliance shows that the highest earner in the Council is the Chief Executive, Mr David Burns with an annual income of £102,500.

According to the average salary in Lisburn is £26,000, putting the council staff well ahead of the city average.

The Council Chief Executive, David Burns, took up the role in 2018.

Mr Burns joined the Council from South Ayrshire Council where he was previously employed as an Executive Manager with responsibilities for Council functions including culture and leisure; community planning and engagement; performance management; internal audit; children and young people’s services and public affairs.

Mr Burns has enjoyed an extensive local government career that started as a housing youth trainee, and most recently included over 13 years at the Scottish Council, where he worked as the Head of Housing and Facilities and prior to this as a Strategic Service Planning Manager.

A spokesperson for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council said: “The Northern Ireland council Chief Executive salaries were set as part of Local Government Reform.

“Since 2015, any increments have been made in line with national pay negotiations with the respective bodies, which are the JNC for Chief Executives and the JNC for Chief Officers.”

The TaxPayers’ Alliance grassroots campaign manager, Harry Fone, said it was vital local ratepayers got value for money.

He said: “Rate rises have outpaced inflation this year and the devastating effects of the pandemic means many households are struggling to make ends meet.

“Councils must be ruthless at increasing efficiency to keep bills as low as possible next year.”

The TaxPayers’ Alliance’s Town Hall Rich List 2021 can be found at