Anonymous ex-politicians to launch new unionist website

The website was due to be launched on Monday.
The website was due to be launched on Monday.

A group of former politicians is today launching a new website with the aim of stimulating debate within unionism – but the people behind the project are not coming forward to say who they are.

A press release said that the website was “sponsored by former politicians” and that it would launch today as a “wake up call website”.

The statement said that the site would promote “unfettered contributions from academics, historians, business and the professions plus politicians”.

It also said that it had been created to “address the void within unionism which feels disadvantaged by obnoxious controlled political correctness”.

Claiming that local party politics is currently a “mess”, the statement said that the new website “aims to get people talking to each other through social media and in doing so to form opinions on the subjects content of the web [sic]”.

The statement added that the issues that would be covered in the “opening salvo” of the site would be “cultural war, education underachievement, the border and direct rule”.