Police seize cannabis in Lisburn: Teenager charged with drugs offences

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A teenager has been charged with supplying illegal drugs after PSNI District Support Team officers seized a quantity of cannabis in the towpath area of Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn on Friday, September 16.

Officers responding to reports of anti-social behaviour in the area at around 1.30pm spotted a male in a tracksuit standing with a large group of children who were dressed in school uniform.

When he saw the police approaching, the male moved off into the bushes. Officers pursued him and noticed a strong smell of cannabis. They decided to carry out a search, despite the teenager’s protests.

After discovering a bag containing a large number of smaller bags of herbal cannabis, a set of digital scales and a notebook containing names with monetary values beside each name, police arrested the 18-year-old and later charged him with possession of a class B controlled drug, possession of a class B drug with intent to supply and supplying a class B drug.

He is due to appear at Lisburn Magistrates Court on October 14.

The PSNI’s Lisburn and Castlereagh District Support Team has thanked the public for the report which led to the teenager’s arrest.