Police reprimand two males for urinating in public

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Two men have been reprimanded by police for urinating in public in Moira.

Citywatch CCTV operators observed one male urinating against a vehicle outside a bar on Main Street, Moira just after he left a bar.

On the CCTV team’s Facebook page, they posted: “He then took a step back and urinated in full view of the public.

“He was then joined by a friend and they both began a synchronised urinating session whilst facing out into the road.

“Police were informed and directed to the males who were stopped further up Main Street.

“The first male who had urinated against the vehicle, refused to give his details and was arrested for Indecent and Disorderly Behaviour.

“The second male was more compliant and was issued with a Fixed Penalty Ticket for indecent behaviour.”