Police issue warning over burglaries in Lisburn

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Local police are warning Lisburn residents to be extra vigilant against burglars and ensure their properties are secured.

The warning came following the arrests of three men on suspicion of creeper burglaries in the area.

Chief Inspector Lorraine Dobson asked residents of Lisburn and Castlereagh City to work with police to help beat the Burglar.

She stressed the importance of taking simple crime prevention measures asking residents to, she said: “Please make sure that windows and doors are properly locked and valuables, including car keys are kept out of sight. If putting vehicles in a garage is an option I would encourage residents to use it.

“During this period last year we saw a rise in the number of households which fell victim to burglaries so I would also encourage residents to be a ‘good Neighbour’; stay alert to suspicious activity around their own and their neighbours’ homes, particularly elderly neighbours, and to report anything suspicious to police by calling 101.

Police spent parts of this week on ‘anti-burglary patrol’, delivering home safety advice leaflets along the street and speaking with a few residents. .

She added: “Officers will also be checking premises and highlighting those which are insecure to their owners.

“Police will be doing our bit to beat the burglar by increasing the number of patrols with a specific emphasis on Burglary.

“This additional work is in direct response to the statistic that 30-40% of burglaries in our area occur though unlocked doors.”


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