Police catch group of youths playing on train tracks

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Police have warned local parents to be vigilant after young people were caught walking on train tracks in Dunmurry.

On Facebook, a police spokesperson said: “Parents - do you know where your children are? Last night (Thursday) police were called several times to the Dunmurray area where a large group of young people had gathered, causing a nuisance and disturbing normal members of the public going about their business.

“Not only did they decide that smashing glasses on the roads was a fantastic idea of a good nights craic, but Brainiac of the Year award goes to each and every one of them who thought it would be smart to take a walk all over the train tracks, whilst trains were passing. Stupidity doesn’t even begin to cover it. I for one do not want to have to call to a family’s home and break the news that their loved one has been killed.

“Two young males were arrested and now have the very realistic possibility of a criminal record hanging over them. “Know where your children are, who they are with and what they are doing. If we get hold of them, rest assured we will be giving them a free lift home and a Court date, and hopefully not a lift to A&E.”