Police called in to 'deal with' horses on the loose near Lurgan

Horses on the loose. Stock image
Horses on the loose. Stock image

Just after 9am this morning police were called in to help with horses on the loose in the Clare Road and Valley Lane area of Waringstown.

In a humorous take on the call out, they posted on PSNI Craigavon's Facebook page that they were "in the process of picking a sacrificial probationer to send forward and deal with them" before adding that the owner was also en route.

But they did warn motorists travelling in that area to slow down.

Ffter the horses were 'dealt with' a few hours later, they issued this gem:

"Craigavon Racing News...

"After some foaling around, our sacrificial probationer jockeyed the wild stallions back into their paddock. What could have ended up as a night mare was quickly turned into a stable situation.

"Whilst our mane job is dealing with crime, a local farmer baled us out to ensure the horses weren't on the road furlong.

"Thankfully, there was no photo finish to show you. I fear if there were pictures of the incident it would stirrup even more emotions."