Police ask drivers to put the brakes on inconsiderate parking

Illegal parking in Lisburn needs to stop.
Illegal parking in Lisburn needs to stop.

Police in Lisburn have called on local motorists to end illegal parking and park their car considerately.

Officers posted on the Lisburn PSNI Facebook page: “It’s something we regularly get complaints about, with vehicles pretty much abandoned in all sorts of strange places.

“If there are markings telling you not to park somewhere, it’ll be for a good reason. And when it comes to double yellow lines, they also apply to the footpaths.

“We have had a recent report of people parking considerately and leaving their cars obstructing the footpath, so much so that an elderly man could not get past in his wheelchair and had to go onto the road.

“Should a disabled person have to risk going on the road to get round your car just so you can park a little closer to where you’re going?

“Or will it take a £30 fixed penalty ticket to make you think?”