Petition launched calling for reinstatement of polling station

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A campaign has been launched to reinstate Seymour Hill Primary School as the only polling station for residents in the Seymour Hill and Conway area.

And the move has the backing of MLA Jonathan Craig, Councillors Margaret Tolerton and Scott Carson, and community representatives.

“At the last election residents from the Seymour Hill and Conway had the prospect of voting in Lambeg Parish Church Hall or Seymour Hill Primary School, depending in which part of the estate they live in,” said Mr Craig.

“This ludicrous position from the Electoral Office saw some residents driving by their local polling station and made to cast their vote in a polling station that is not even in their area.

“In the 2014 Council Elections all the residents of Seymour Hill and Conway voted in their local primary school and we thought finally, common sense had prevailed.

“But at this year’s Westminster election, the electoral office once again made half the people of Seymour Hill and Conway vote in one polling station and the rest vote in another polling station.

“As a result of the growing concern from local residents and Seymour Hill and Conway Community Association, we have launched this petition that can be signed in the local Mace shop or in the Community House.”

Mr Craig added, “When so much time and effort is being spent by the electoral office, encouraging people to register and vote, it is regrettable that our calls to have this issue resolved have gone unanswered.

“But we are hopeful that this petition will give the residents of Seymour Hill and Conway an opportunity to register their support and encourage the Electoral Office to look at this matter again,” said Mr Craig.

The Chairman of Seymour Hill and Conway Community Association, Mr Billy Smith said, “As a community association we are fully behind this petition that has been launched by our local MLA and councillors and would call on all the residents of the area, if they have not already done so, to sign the petition.”