Water safety warning from Lisburn police

Lisburn and Castelreagh Police have issued a warning to local residents to stay safe around water during this spell of warm weather.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 12:20 pm

A spokesperson for the police said: “Despite the very warm weather at the moment we want everyone to be aware that our rivers and lakes are still cold. We know that many of you are taking to the waterways to swim and cool off however please consider the following beforehand:

“Is swimming allowed in the area? A no swimming or bathing sign indicates that there is a risk and you should not ignore it.

“Even with the increase in air temperature cold water shock still presents a real and immediate danger to anyone entering water.

“Jetty jumping presents additional risks in terms of depth and unseen hazards below the water.

“Alcohol and swimming do not mix.

“Consider wearing a lifejacket or using a buoyancy aid, especially if you are not a confident swimmer.

“Please help us to raise awareness, particularly with our young people, of the dangers and risks associated with our waterways.”