Walk at Wallace Park in memory of David

David Lee
David Lee


Lee Clark, whose son David-Lee, affectionately known as Dee-Dee’ would have been just 11 years old on June 3, is holding the walk at Wallace Park on Saturday, June 6.

Those attending will hold a banner and are asked to bring a red balloon which will be released into the sky.

Children will be asked to remember their friend who they affectionately called ‘the Red Ranger’ and do part of a walk, while adults will be asked to do several rounds of the park. All money raised will go to the Genetics Department at Belfast City Hospital and Parkview School 
where David attended.

His mother said, “I would usually have organised a birthday for David and it would normally have been in the Knockmore Community Centre. He would have his wee group of friends there and a wee party along with birthday cake.

“I thought I would still really like to mark his birthday this year but in an extra 
special way.”

She continued, “He was such a beautiful wee boy. A real character. He loved Power Rangers.

“His friends loved him and knew him as the Red Ranger. I know a lot of them are still finding it hard to come to terms with his death.

“They miss him terribly. We all do.

Lee’s sister, Dr Sam Thompson is planning to hold a fundraising night in David’s memory at Lisburn Cricket Club later this year.

A friend is also planning to do a swim at Strangford Lough for David as well.

“There are a lot of good people out there doing a lot of really good things in his memory,” said his mother.

“Anyone who knew David just loved him. I think that is why so many people want to do something in his memory.

David who suffered from autism passed away after almost a month long stay in the Royal Hospital for 
Sick Children.

He had been suffering for several months with bowel problems and went to the Royal at the start of December for several procedures.

He went into the hospital on December 9, 2014 but sadly passed away after many operations on January 1.

“When David was young I was told that my child would never talk and or do a lot of things,” said Lee.

“They did not realise who my David was, a very determined brave little boy who ended up accomplishing a lot of things.

“He fought bravely in so many ways. He was a good kid who everyone adored. He is just my precious angel now.”