Tale of happy dog earns award for charity

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Dog-loving Dunmurry couple Sam and Wendy Willoughby have earned honours as the force behind the local charity ‘Gundog Rescue and Rehoming’.

They adopted ‘Making Sad Dogs Happy’ as their official slogan and, in recent years, they have been doing just that, matching hundreds of sporting breed dogs with new, country-living, owners who can provide them with active lifestyles and loving human families.

This month their passion and love of dogs were recognised with the presentation of a prestigious Country Sport and Country Life Award, made in recognition of outstanding contributions to country sports and heritage.

They were nominated for the award by proud re-homer Robin Whiteside who adopted his dog, Lucy, from the charity. “Lucy came to Wendy and Sam as an unloved, gangling and pretty miserable dog,” explained Robin. “Thanks to their care, her life has turned around. Now she has a glossy coat and a permanently wagging tail and looks what she is: a happy, healthy dog.”

Albert Titterington, Director of Great Game Fairs of Ireland, added: “Tt gives me real pleasure to see how Robin has developed such a strong bond with Lucy, a dog who owes her fresh start in life to Sam and Wendy’s love of animals. A happy tale for all concerned.”