Stoneyford’s love for those living ‘Farr’ away

The rector and parishioners of St John’s Church of Ireland in Stoneyford have donated £1,300 to Christian Aid by buying virtual Charity Gifts for people living in extreme poverty.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 2:24 pm
Parishioners from St John's in Stoneyford with Rev John Farr

Christian Aid’s Charity Gifts act as donations, helping to transform the lives of people living in poverty around the world.

With farmers making up many members of the rural parish, it was no surprise that they chose to support Christian Aid’s agriculture programmes, buying virtual farm animals - chickens, turkeys and goats.

Chickens and turkeys provide eggs that can be eaten or sold for cash at the local market, while goats tolerate drought and provide milk, meat and manure.

Rev John Farr and Christian Aid organiser Norma Parker

Stoneyford’s donation will help people in poverty to provide food for their families, boost harvests and increase their income.

Christian Aid organiser Norma Parker recently met with rector Rev John Farr, who keeps a few chickens and turkeys of his own.

Norma thanked the Stoneyford parishioners for their generous support for Christian Aid.

“I was delighted that we managed to raise so much, especially as we’re only a small congregation and church services are being live-streamed during the lockdown,” she said.

Christian Aid Ireland Chief Executive Rosamond Bennett thanked Norma, Rev Farr and all the parishioners for bringing hope to people living in poverty, “The good people of Stoneyford parish always show great love for their global neighbours,” she said. “Climate change is causing a hunger crisis in many of the world’s poorest countries and the coronavirus pandemic is increasing extreme poverty. It is more important than ever that we help people during these times of crisis.”

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