Recycle your Christmas tree


Crumlin residents are being encouraged to recycle their Christmas tree from the comfort of their own homes.

Leona Donaghy, Environmental Awareness Officer with Antrim Borough Council, explains, “Anyone who’s ever had to trim their tree to fit the space will know that it’s easy to cut it into a couple of pieces, fold or break.

“Once you have done this, you can just pop it into your brown bin along with all the Christmas leftovers from the turkey and it will be collected from your doorstep on your usual brown bin collection day.

“Alternatively, the council will also accept the full tree free of charge at the household Recycling Centre.”

The Crumlin Household Recycling Centre is located at Railway Yard, Main Street, Crumlin 9442 3640

Leona continues “Recycling your Christmas tree is not only easy it’s a feel good way to start the New Year as you can rest assured that your tree will be turned into useful compost for the growing season to start the cycle again.”

Opening times for the centre during the winter months are Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm.

For more information contact Antrim Borough Council, They can be contacted on 028 9446 3113.